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Plastic Recycling Pilot Scheme 

In order to process waste plastics more cost-effectively and raise public confidence in the waste separation and recycling system, the Environmental Protection Department is rolling out a 2-year Pilot Scheme in three different districts (i.e. Eastern District, Kwun Tong and Sha Tin), through which contractors are engaged under service contracts to provide free collection service for waste plastics from registered premises for non-commercial and non-industrial sources such as public and private housing estates, schools and public institutions, Community Recycling Centres and Community Green Stations in the districts. 

A wide range of recyclables can be collected under the Pilot Scheme, including plastic bags (e.g. carrier bags, rice bags, plastic packaging bags), plastic containers (e.g. plastic bottles, plastic buckets, plastic boxes, microwave containers, yogurt cups, tofu boxes), polyfoam (e.g. fruit sleeve nets, polyfoam boxes, protective polyfoam materials), plastic tableware, plastic straws, CDs, bubble wraps and other plastic packaging materials. 

The contractor will further process the plastics collected into plastic raw materials or recycled plastic products to be exported or supplied to the local market so as to ensure that the waste plastics collected are properly handled.  The contractors will also collaborate with non-profit-making organisations to promote various publicity activities in parallel, so as to cultivate the public’s habit of recycling plastics properly.

Pilot Scheme’s Recycling Handout

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Pilot Scheme’s Poster

Sha Tin: Chinese / English / Filipino / Indonesian

Plastic Recycling Pilot Scheme- Sha Tin Registration Form (Chinese Version Only)